Results for 12 September 2023 BUEPT

Announcement Date: 
18 September 2023

Dear students and candidates, You can access the results of the BUEPT exam held on 12 September 2023 by clicking here. 

The system of objection to grades has not been opened yet. A new announcement will be published on our website when the system is opened on September 19, 2023. When objections are opened, they can only be made until 16:00 today. Please stay tuned for announcements.

Applicants who have used their ID or passport numbers during the application process must check the list using the last fice digits of their aforementioned numbers. 


The results of the BÜYES/BUEPT and TWE exams are listed as:

Page 1: PASS

Page 2: FAIL


Page 4: ABSENT

On the ‘PASS’ and ‘FAIL’ lists, the examinees who have successfully passed the test and the ones who have failed it are listed, respectively.  An “S” on ‘FAIL’ and ‘WRITING’ lists stands for ‘SATISFACTORY’, meaning that the examinee has passed that particular component.  The examinees who did not attend the entire test or a particular component of the test that they are required to take are marked ‘ABS’, which stands for ‘ABSENT’.  Failure in a particular component is indicated with scores ranging from ‘F1’ to ‘F4’ where F1 represents the highest Fail score, while F4 the lowest one.

The names of those YADYOK remedial students who passed the Listening and the Reading parts of the exam before and took only the TWE appear on the PASS or FAIL lists. 

The names of the examinees who already have the required overall TOEFL® IBT/PBT  or IELTS (Academic) scores and, therefore, took only the TWE appear on the WRITING list.


Numerical values of the letter grades are as follows: 


BÜYES/BUEPT Total    100-85 = A
BÜYES/BUEPT Total    84-70 = B
BÜYES/BUEPT Total    69-65 =  C+
BÜYES/BUEPT Total    60-64 =  C