Updated Security Measures


Rules to be Applied on the Exam Day

In order to take the exam, it is required to show two official IDs with updated photos (student ID card, passport, ID card, driver's license). If the photo on the ID card is out of date or is deformed, the instructor controlling the IDs may ask to show another ID with a photo. IETT or similar bus passes do not replace identity cards. It is mandatory to use only a blue or black colored ballpoint pen in the exam provided by the instructors in the exam room. Students must not bring items to the exam hall other than the ones listed below:

2 official photo IDs (T.R. ID card, Passport, Boğaziçi University Student Card, T.R. Driver’s License)

A city bus card (without the case)

Coins or banknotes

Water in a transparent bottle

Keys (without any keychains)

For students taking the whole exam, there is a 30-minute break before the Writing section. During this period, students cannot leave the exam building. There are two separate ID checks in the exam building and exam hall. For exams that start at 10:00, students start to be admitted starting from 09:00.