Partial Pass


Partial Pass Conditions

The right to partially pass BÜYES/BUEPT is a right granted only to students who study at the YADYOK English Preparatory Unit for two semesters. This right starts with the Spring Semester English Proficiency Exam.

Partial Pass means being exempt from certain component/s of BÜYES/BUEPT (listening, reading, writing) for two consecutive years provided that one has proven to be successful in a BUEPT exam. With this right, Prep students have the opportunity to pass different component/s (e.g. reading; listening; writing; listening-reading; listening-writing; reading-writing) at different times.

Preparatory students are responsible for all components in the Spring Term English Proficiency Exam even if they have passed some sections of the Winter and Fall English Proficiency Exams held before the Spring exam at the end of the academic year. Their right to partial pass starts with the Spring Term English Proficiency Exam and the students become exempt from the component/s they have passed for two consecutive years.

The validity of passing one component is two years. At the end of two years, it is necessary to take the exam again from the relevant components.