Campus Facilities

Dear Students,

On this page, you can find information about the facilities available at Anadolu Hisarı Campus, where English Preparatory Education takes place, and at our other campuses.


You can find many English and Turkish novels, encyclopedias and graded readers in the library located on the ground floor of the YADYOK-1 Building.

You can see the opening hours of the library by clicking the link below. Our library will be closed for the time being during the hours marked in red. In the areas marked with green, you can see the opening hours of the library:

As the necessary adjustments are made, the working hours on the link will increase and be updated. Our library will not be open outside these hours. Compliance with these hours is very important in terms of maintaining the library order and enabling our students working in the library to catch up with their classes.

Books in the library can be borrowed from the library. Our student assistants can assist you during the borrowing process. Please do not take the books out of the library until our student assistants register your loan to the system. This step is very important for the control of our books.

In order to borrow books, a loan record must be created on our computer in the library. Please have your student ID card with you for this process. Books can be borrowed for 14 days. Please be sure to bring your books back to our library. If we don't have books, we don't have a library.

A late fee of 1 TL per day is applied for delay. A student can only borrow three books at a time. Students with overdue books cannot be given new books until the overdue book is returned.

You can also borrow movies from the DVD collection in our library in the same way. For DVDs, the loan period is 7 days. A maximum of 2 DVDs can be taken at the same time.

Our books in the library are being categorized at the moment. After this categorization process is completed, you will be able to access the list of books in the library from an Excel file that will be uploaded to and you will be able to see whether the books you want are available in our library.

There is no link between our library in the YADYOK-1 building and our library in the North Campus as a borrowing system. You cannot deliver the books you bought from the North Campus to the YADYOK-1 library or the books you bought from the YADYOK-1 library to the North Campus library.

Please be careful not to disturb the silence while using the library. We have large seats in our library where you can read books. Unfortunately, study areas are scarce as the physical space of the library is limited. You can use the Student Lounge and Study Room to study.

Do not hesitate to borrow books and use our library effectively.


YADYOK-3 Room 209 has a quiet study room prepared for our students. This area is reserved for our students to study individually or in pairs. In the lockers in the study room, you can find the course materials reserved for the use of our students. Do not hesitate to use these materials. However, these materials should not be taken out of the room and there should be no markings on them so that the students who will use them after you can work comfortably. Please use this area and materials, thinking that they will use these areas at the same time as you and after you.

Student Lounge

YADYOK-3 Room 203 is reserved as a student lounge. Our students will not only be able to use this area for socializing and spending time, but also to watch movies at certain times thanks to a projection device and DVD player to be placed here in the coming days. After these adjustments are made, you will be informed about how the area will be used. For now, you can use the area as a student lounge.

Computer Labs

YADYOK-3 Room 205 & 206 have been opened for student use as a computer laboratory. Our students can use the computers located here when there is no class in the laboratory. The closing time of the laboratory is 17:00.

Conference Hall

This hall, located on the second floor of the YADYOK-3 building, will be used within the framework of activities to be organized by student clubs or YADYOK.

On the second floor of the YADYOK-3 building, there are sitting areas for the use of our students. In addition, you can reach the back courtyard from inside the dining hall or through the passage on the side of the YADYOK-3 building, and you can use the tables and chairs placed here for resting, studying or socializing.

Boğaziçi University Psychological Guidance Center (BUREM)

Boğaziçi University Psychological Guidance Center (BUREM) is one of our student support units located on the South Campus. You can apply to BUREM to share the difficulties you experience in academic, social and individual relationships, to move forward within a solution-oriented plan, to examine some questions or to get psychological support. Dealing with your problems before they accumulate and grow will make it easier for you to adapt to your new academic and social environment. Applications and works to BÜREM are carried out within the framework of the principle of confidentiality.

Sports Facilities

There are many sports facilities at our Anadolu Hisarı Campus, from swimming pools, gyms, football pitches to tennis courts.

The Indoor Swimming Pool will be closed during the Fall 2024 semester due to restoration. When this area opens, our students will be informed via the YADYOK website.

The Indoor Gym will be opened for student use on October 16, 2023. Our students can use the Indoor Sports Hall between 13:00 and 22:00 by borrowing basketball or volleyball balls from these areas. To use this area, you must bring your own sportswear and sneakers.

The Indoor Fitness Center will be opened to student use on October 16, 2023. The center can be used between 13:00 and 22:00. You must bring your own sportswear and sneakers.

Tennis Courts: Tennis courts are open for student use between 13:00 and 22:00. You can use these areas with your own sportswear and equipment. Since the tennis courts are very close to YADYOK-2 and YADYOK-3 buildings, it is very important not to make a lot of noise while using these areas.

Football Fields: Football fields can be used through the student clubs of our University. To use these areas, please join the sports clubs that train in these areas and make sure that the necessary arrangements are made.

Sports competitions and tournaments are frequently held in these areas throughout the year. These tournaments are frequently announced to students. Students may participate in sports activities. Please check your e-mail to avoid missing these announcements.

Health Facilities

South Campus

Health and Guidance Center Medico, located in the South Campus, is a primary healthcare institution that provides outpatient diagnosis and treatment services; It provides health services to registered students of our university. You can find more information about our center and the services they offer on their website. You can click here to access their website.


Anadolu Hisarı

Family Health Center, located at the entrance of our Anadolu Hisarı Campus, is a center that our students can apply to in case of emergency. In order to officially benefit from this center, our students must transfer their "Aile Hekimliği" to this center. These changes are carried out through the e-devlet system.

If you do not have your "Aile Hekimliği" at this center, you can receive service from the center, but this service will be limited due to regulations.

In addition to these centers, Beykoz No. 3 Family Health Center, Küçüksu Family Health Center and Yenimahalle Family Health Center are within reach of our campus by public transportation.



You can use the first aid kits located on every floor of each building in case of emergency.

In case of emergency, an ambulance can be requested by calling the 112 Emergency Line of the Ministry of Health.