Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in working at Boğaziçi University School of Foreign Languages. We offer part-time and full-time employment opportunities on an irregular basis. Please follow the links below for further information on the employment procedure. Before you choose which link to follow, please be informed that anyone with a TC ID number is considered a Turkish national regardless of their dual citizenship, and that there are no part-time positions available for international applicants.

Turkish Nationals


A. Full-time Employment

Full-time appointment of Turkish nationals is regulated by the Higher Education Council. Detailed guidelines are here.

Full-time jobs are advertised and requirements are listed here on a Higher Education Council webpage.

The names of the applicants who meet the criteria are posted on BU website, and the candidates are invited to an oral assessment session on the specified date. The candidates are shortlisted for the oral assessment according to their score of YDS 60%  + ALES 40%. The candidates are also asked to perform a class demonstration (micro-teaching) during the oral assessment. A minimum  oral assessment score of 60 is required to be shortlisted for the institutional written exam.

Shortlisted candidates are evaluated according to their undergraduate GPA and their test results:

ALES 30% + YDS 30% + undergraduate GPA 10 % + Institutional Assessment 30% = 100

The final results are announced on BU website by the deadline stated in the advertisement.


B. Part-time Employment

Applicants are required to have either a BA or a higher degree in a related field (ELT, English Philology, American Culture & Lit., English Lang. & Lit., English Linguistics, English Translation and Interpretation Studies, etc) with at least one-year teaching experience in a related field.

To apply,

  1. download and fill out the application form. Remember to add a recent photo in JPEG format,
  2. send the application form along with your CVa letter of intentand two reference letters to

Applications are kept on file for one year.
Applications are reviewed by the recruitment committee.
Only eligible candidates are contacted through e-mail.
The references of the candidates are contacted by the SFL Director and/or the Assistant Director.
The candidates are invited to sit the BU Proficiency Test for Instructors.
Those who pass the written test are called in for an oral assessment session where they also perform a class demonstration (micro-teaching).
The candidates are contacted through e-mail and informed about the result.

  • All applications will be evaluated by a hiring committee and selected applicants will be informed about exam/jury dates. Applications will not be considered if the applicant fails to fulfill any of the listed criteria or any required document is not submitted on time.
International Applicants


Boğaziçi University School of Foreign Languages Foreign Faculty Recruitment


School of Foreign Languages (SFL) English Preparatory School


Instructor (Full-time)

Application Period

Year round


1-year renewable contract


About Boğaziçi University

Boğaziçi University (BU) was officially established as a state university in 1971, formerly known as Robert College, the first American college established outside of the U.S. in 1863. Therefore, the instruction language at BU is English.  As an English-medium university, BU is the top university in Turkey with its well-rooted history and education, distinguished faculty members and top-ranking students (in the top 1 % out of over 2 million test takers) in the nationwide university entrance examination.

The faculty members at BU are a good mix of Turkish and foreign nationals who earned their master and doctoral degrees from top North American, European and Commonwealth universities and have a well-deserved academic reputation. BU’s high standards in education and research are also acknowledged worldwide and every year, a great number of its graduates get admitted to reputable Master and PhD programs of top overseas universities with full funding.

School of Foreign Languages

Boğaziçi has a nationwide reputation of foreign language education offered by the School of Foreign Languages (SFL) which houses three units: English Preparatory School, Modern Languages Unit and Advanced English Unit. English Preparatory School offers a one-year intensive English program to all incoming students who have not proven their English proficiency. Modern Languages Unit offers students of all majors foreign language education in eleven different languages: Armenian, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, English, Spanish. Advanced English Unit offers English reinforcement classes to freshmen who have passed the BUEPT with a minimum passing grade C in an A-B-C ranking.

About English Preparatory School

With its distinguished faculty members who are language experts in their field, English Preparatory School provides English language training to all incoming students. While students develop both linguistic and cultural awareness throughout their language education, they also gain a genuine international perspective on cultural, political, social and global issues with their acquired English language skills. In brief, intensive English study enables our students to achieve a good command of English with complete mastery in four skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), as well as understand the social and cultural characteristics of the countries in which English is spoken natively.

Boğaziçi University as the pioneer of English-medium instruction has a well-deserved reputation of English preparatory education in Turkey owing to its well-established English Preparatory School which prepares and administers its own English proficiency tests (BUEPT). Those who submit English proficiency with a standardized test (BUEPT, TOEFL or Academic IELTS) can start their major study, while those who can’t attend a one-year intensive English program to master academic English.  English Preparatory School is a self-sufficient unit with a Testing Office (TO) preparing all progress, summative and proficiency tests, and a Curriculum Committee (CC) preparing the curricula of all four levels: Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced. In line with our institutional goals, we would like to welcome all applicants who are energetic, flexible, hardworking, keeping up with educational technologies and ready to embrace socio-cultural differences in an enriching work environment such as BU School of Foreign Languages.

Job Requirements

  • Candidates must either be native speakers of English or have native-like command of English with a BA, MA and/or PhD degree
  • BA and/or MA/MSc degree in one of the following fields: English as a Foreign/Second Language Education/TESOL/ ELT, English Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, English Language and Literature, English Translation and Interpretation, Comparative Literature, Educational Sciences, Education Technology, Pedagogy
  • Preferably DELTA or CELTA Certificate


  • BA and/or MA/MSc degree holders in other than the above-listed fields should meet one of the following conditions:

a) Minimum 2 years of work experience in teaching English in an internationally accredited language teaching center

b) DELTA or CELTA Certificate

  • Minimum 1 year of English teaching experience in higher education (university level teaching)
  • Due to legal restrictions, the candidates should be non-Turkish citizens 

Application Procedure

1. Fill out the application form.

2. Email your application form, CV and cover letter addressed to the contacts listed below at                                     

3. The requirement of 3 recommendation letters is for only shortlisted candidates. One of the recommenders must be from a current or recent workplace.