Students Representation Council (SRC)



SRC stands for Student Representation Council. SRCs of the departments, faculties and schools within the university represent the students of their relevant units. The SFL Student Representation Council represents the SFL students on issues concerning the students. The election calendar for SRC elections is announced to the students after the classes start. Students who want to be candidates should apply to SFL Student Affairs Office within the specified dates and introduce themselves with campaigns before the elections.


Formation and Structure

SRC is formed as a result of online voting of volunteer candidates among the students of the department at the beginning of each academic year. In the Preparatory School, students of each Program hold an election among themselves. A maximum of 5 representatives can be elected from each Program. In the program voting, in order for the permanent members to be elected and to represent the relevant Program, at least 30% of the students enrolled in this Program must vote, and the number of votes of each candidate must exceed the 10% threshold. Otherwise, the relevant Program is considered to have decided not to choose a student representative. Since full members are expected to work as a team, students who will not hesitate to take responsibility and who can be compatible in teamwork are recommended to be candidates. In the event that our students cannot adopt their responsibilities and / or cannot carry out teamwork, the Council has difficulties in fulfilling its objectives.



SRC President or Vice President participates in the YADYOK Executive Council meetings and represents the students in the administration. They organize sports and cultural activities among students. In doing so, they work in coordination with other student clubs at the university. You can follow SRC activities at