Advanced English

The Unit of Advanced English aims to offer students a wide variety of electives that will contribute to their cultural formation and confidence in written and oral expression in English as well as help them adopt a lifelong respect for ethical standards and critical thinking. 

Our Unit offers two sets of courses with credit: required courses and courses offered as unrestricted or complementary HSS electives. In both sets, special emphasis is given to encouraging students to become intellectually engaged with diverse aspects of cultural and social issues through the medium of a wide variety of texts in English. To this end, all courses aim at extensive practice in analysis at differing levels. Hence AE courses should be seen as part of an intellectual adventure through which students can further develop their literacy skills and learn to think critically about universally generated knowledge and culture while at the same time enjoying a concentrated opportunity to improve their academic skills in English. This general approach of the Unit is made possible thanks to the diversity in teaching and research interests of its academic staff.